Masseria Pelosella

The “Pilone”

Inside Masseria Pelosella perimeter, which is in part settled in a rocky building, in 1600, you will find refreshment in our Pilone. Pilone was an open-air cistern in ancient times, and now you can freely use as a pool. Pilone overlooks on the centuries old olive grove: Pilone is a stretch of water framed in natural rocks, where capers plants slightly brush water.

It is a unique location, plunged in the lively energy of the lama underlying Masseria Pelosella. A lama is an ancient river, typical in Puglia. Through the lama, an ephemeral river carries water to the sea, which is about 2 kilometres far from the Masseria Pelosella, you can see observing olive trees and prickly pears.

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N.B. Pilone is available starting from June until September