Our specialties

Masseria Pelosella B&B is a place, a concept, a lifestyle, and it is visible in our productions. We try to do our best to make everything we can ourselves, with our hands, giving more values to our territory: our breakfast translates this concept in reality and our wish to communicate about our local values through flavours.

We use olive oil everywhere it is possible, and not butter, because olives grows nearby Masseria, in a secular olive grove, and they are a part of us. We try to give birth to little “gustatory experiences” with our welcoming brioche, rice flour pancakes and other recipes.

Do you want to know more about? Come here, stay some days and ask for information! We will be glad to talk with you about our work! In the meanwhile, you can see our photo albums on Masseria Pelosella B&B Facebook page

Brioche del benvenuto Tortina allo yogurt

Pancakes alla farina di riso

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