Masseria Pelosella

Suite Papavero

Papavero is a quadruple room, with two double rooms inside and, in total, two double beds. There is an independent entry and one big bathroom, with shower. Papavero has a wonderful sight on countryside because in the past, it was part of the area reserved for Massari’s guests or family (Massari are people that lives in a Masseria). This room furniture is unique, as in the whole Masseria: each wardrobe, nightstand, bed and sheets are especially conceived for every room: as you are like at home, we offer a warm environment with vibrant colours and antiques.
One Papavero’s room is beige, with a magnificent view on olive trees, and the other one is Veronese green (favourite Cristina’s colour). Each room inside Papavero has air conditioning; the green one has a TV lcd 24pl. In the bathroom, you will find a big window to embrace the evergreen lama vegetation.
Distinguishing marks: Papavero is a quadruple room, for families or friends, for people that love living together sharing this suite. Papavero is a panoramic room, in Masseria’s tower that you can see arriving at Masseria. The tower overlook seaside – you will see Savelletri’s sea from the window
Capacity: Papavero is 30 mq, in beige room we can add a single bed, or a crib for a child until 1.20 mt tall