Who we are

We are Vito & Cristina (and we have reproduced ourselves in Milo & Tiago as well), and we have a little tiny dog, Priscilla.


Each one has an own life path:

Vito was born here, near the Masseria,and has deep roots in this country, like the olive oil trees nearby.


Cristina was born in Turin, that she left to live in Paris, and she lives in Puglia since 2006 .


Milo was born in Puglia, but IMG_20160721_091857he loves stars and universe from the beginning of his existence.

Tiago was born in a nordic italian city, but he has a special dialog with local nature.

We are happy to meet you, and to hear about you, too: let’s meet us soon!

– Masseria Pelosella è un B&B professionale, la sua ragione sociale è:
MP di Cristina Federica Sarcinella & C. SAS, PIVA 02243620743 –